Regulatory framework to guide future of shale and tight gas

Callum LoveGeology & Soils, Irwin, Land Use, Mingenew

This week the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) announced the release of the ‘Guide to the Regulatory Framework for Shale and Tight Gas in Western Australia’.

Endorsed by the departments of Mines and Petroleum, Environment Regulation, Parks and Wildlife, Water, Health, Aboriginal Affairs and Planning, the Environmental Protection Authority and the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority, the guide aims to:

  • provide an account of the State’s assessment and regulation processes for shale and tight gas projects and
  • provide clarity regarding the State’s requirements and the legislation and regulations through which those requirements are enforced.
This framework will assist industry, other stakeholders and the public to understand the robust regulatory assessment, approval and compliance processes for shale and tight gas projects as well as other petroleum projects Jeff Haworth (DMP Executive Director Petroleum)

Source: Department of Mines and Petroleum news and Government of WA media statements.

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