NARvis Summary Document V2

To accompany this online strategy, NACC has created a printable summary document that gives you a quick overview of some of the information that is available on NARvis.

The revised version (June 2016) includes a dedicated Aboriginal history and culture section, additional climate change information and the updated aspirations and goals.

View or download a copy of the NARvis Summary document.

2 Comments on “NARvis summary document”

  1. Good Morning,

    I am a Member of NACC and try to access the item on ArcGIS Online. Can you advise me how I can obtain sign in credential for ArcGIS?
    Thank you.
    Regards – Ferdinand

    1. Hi Ferdinand,

      I apologise for that we had a slight technical error. The maps should now all be publically available and you won’t require a login to access them. I have also set up a map gallery page under resources which has all the different maps in one place. You can view it

      Thanks for your comment.

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