Midwest erosion under the spotlight – ABC Radio program

Callum LoveClimate Change, Coastal & Marine

Around the world, coastal managers are facing the challenge of how to plan for rising sea levels. With WA sea levels predicted to increase by 90 cm in the next 100 years, coastal erosion and inundation issues are not going away any time soon.

On 21st August 2015, ABC Midwest broadcast a fascinating story on coastal erosion in the Midwest. Stakeholders from a range of agencies, particularly local and state governments, provided a snapshot on the current status of planning for sea level rise in the Midwest.

Listen to the Radio Program (part 1)


Listen to the Radio Program (part 2)


To find out more about coastal erosion in the Region visit the NARvis – Coastal Systems webpage.

View the ABC Midwest story, including many photos.

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