Join a local NRM / Landcare group

Can’t find a group in your area? Why not start one yourself?

Birdlife Midwest

Contact: Sally Vigilante

Carnamah Landcare

Cervantes Ratepayers & Progress Association

Chapman River Firends

Drummond Cove Progress Association

Friends of Lancelin Coast Inc.

Contact: John Hatch
Work PO Box 122 Lancelin WA 6044 Phone: 08 9655 2060 Website:

Friends of Moore River Estuary Inc


Friends of the Moora Woodlands

Gingin Water Group Inc.

Contact: David Rickson
Cell Phone: 0427612918 Website:

Green Head Coastcare Group

Contact: Jenny Griffiths

Guilderton Community Association


Contact: Jude Cusworth
Website: Gunduwa home page
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6 Comments on “Get Involved in Your Local Area”

  1. If you are a group with an interest in Natural Resource Management, operate within the Northern Agricultural Region, and would like your contact details updated or included here, please email [email protected].

  2. I’d recommend putting a NACC tab on just about every page, so users can get back to the main NACC website at any time. Cheers, Richard

  3. You can ignore my previous comment, as I see that the NACC logo at the bottom of each page gets the visitor back to the NACC home page. It may still benefit from a note above the logo to say something like “Return to the NACC Homepage”. Cheers, Richard

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your comments. I have added text under the logo so hopefully this will make it clearer for people.


  4. Hello Emma

    The Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group operates in the Gingin area as the Ellen Brook catchment takes in the Lennard Brook sub catchment and Southwards. EBICG and Chittering Landcare Group also work outside of this boundary in Gingin. Also the Wannamal Lakes and West Wannamal Area are within the Brockman River Catchment. The Group Wannamal Lake Catchment Group works in this area (as a matter of fact, the Wannamal project was claimed by NACC when it falls within Perth NRM according to our map). NACC works on Local Government boundaries and Perth Region works on Catchment boundaries. EBICG and WLCG worth on catchment boundaries.
    My question is, could Chittering Landcare Group, Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group and Wannamal Lake Catchment Group be listed in this data base. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rosanna,
      Yes I am more than happy to list those groups on the NARvis database, please just send me through the appropriate links and contact details and I will add them in.

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