The First Ecological Land Units Map of the World

Callum LoveBiodiversity, Geology & Soils

Created by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and Esri, this new map is the most detailed global ecological land units map in the world. Created at a high resolution (250 m) it provides a great platform to better understand and the world’s resources. Scientists, land managers, conservationists, developers, and the public can use this map to improve regional, national, and global resource management, planning and decision making.

How can I get access to the Global ELUs map?

  1. Learn more about the Global ELUs map:
  2. Introductory Story Map to the ecological land units: com/elu
  3. Explore the online application: com/EcoTapestry
  4. Learn more about ecological land units:
  5. Get started using this content in ArcGIS: ArcGIS Online Landscape Layers Group
Information sourced from ESRI Insider

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