Map of Life

Callum LoveBiodiversity

Helping to address the issues of evaluating species for conservation is a new tool called Map of Life. Recently announced in a Google Research Blog post, Map of Life allows users to locate species information either by selecting a search area … Read More

Free trees for Carnaby’s

Callum LoveBiodiversity, Victoria Plains

Moore Catchment Council are giving away free trees and bushes to residents and landowners around Calingiri to help feed Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos. There is also funding available to fence off planting sites. For more information view the flyer or contact Rachel at the … Read More

Corridors for climate change blog

Callum LoveBiodiversity

View the Corridors for Climate Change Blog archive for information, thoughts, ideas and passion about improving biodiversity, through multi-purpose conservation corridors, on a landscape-scale within the Northern Agricultural Region. Together with best management practices, the aim of the corridor is to … Read More